Brake Rotor

Rust Removal on a brake rotor

Required products and tools:

  1. Electric drill
  2. Wire brush
  3. Silicone Remover
  4. FERTAN Rust Remover Gel 16 fl oz (500 ml)
  5. FERTAN Multi-Metal Coating (MM30) 13.52 fl oz  (400 ml)
  6. Safety glass
  7. Saftey gloves
  8. Protective coating

Step 1


Remove loose rust from the bake rotor with a wire brush.
Attention: Wear safety glasses, safety gloves and protective clothing. 

Step 2


Clean the brake rotor with a silicone remover.

Step 3


Apply FERTAN Rust Remover Gel with a bush.

Following 2-3 hours (up to 48 hours) of reaction time, rinse the surface with water.

Step 4


Protect the front surface of the brake rotor by taping.

Step 5


Apply the FERTAN Multi-Metal Coating on the brake rotor.