Corrosion Preventative Grease

Corrosion Preventative Grease

Extremely long-term and flexible protection film

Useful  for  carbodies,  historic  cars,  construction machines, agriculture and more

ALL corrosion is prevented

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Meine_Video_Page (1)The FERTAN corrosion preventative grease is a very specific grease which combines the positive properties of grease and wax. From this very special composition results a creepability which penetrates at only 65° F into folds cracks, flanges and sheet-doubles up to 2 inch.

Even so, the special formulation ensures no material drains out even at high temperatures.  The FERTAN corrosion preventative grease represents an extremely long-term and flexible protection film,  which  is  useful  for  car-bodies,  historic  cars,  construction machines, agriculture equipment and machines etc. ALL corrosion is prevented. The compatibility with present, mostly older, protections, like cavity wax, stone chip, resin or tar-based, is possible.  If in doubt do a small test or contact us.

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Corrosion Preventative Grease

335 g

11.8 oz.

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