Rust Inhibitor

Rust Inhibitor

Universal  and  transparent

Multifunctional preventative  agent

Suitable for the widest variety of surfaces, axles  and  applications

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FERTAN  Rust Inhibitor  is  a  universal  and  transparent corrosion    protection    wax    based    on    a    wax    emulsion    containing solvents. The product is used as a multifunctional preventative  agent  for  complete chassis,  from  components,  motors,  and  transmissions  to  axles. Excellently suitable for the widest variety of surfaces, axles  and  applications  such  as  winter  protection,  transport  protection, and  storage  protection.  Its  compatibility  with  top  coats,  mounted parts,  and  other  materials  must  be  checked  separately  for  each specific application. This product can be removed by using FERTAN Wax-Remover.


  • Universal corrosion protection

  • Quick drying

  • Transparent (waxy) film with good grip

  • Protects against aggressive media like road salt and fertilizer

  • Removable by special cleaner

Available In

Product Content (Metric) Content (Imperial)
Rust Inhibitor

335 g

11.8 oz.

Rust Inhibitor

750 ml

1.59 pt.

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