Tank Revitalisation

Tank Derusting and Coating using Tapox


  • Optimal operating temperature (min. 18° C)
  • Curing agent and strain must me mixed thoroughly
  • All solvent residue have to be ventilated for perfect hardening of tank sealer. (see Instructions)

5-Step Solution to Tank derusting

Examine the inner side of the tanks. The fuel tanks made of steel are also prone to rust.

Clean the rusted inner surface

Use Engine cleaner to remove the rust and then with FEDOX Rust Remover

Passivate the wet tank with FERTAN Rust Converter and let it sit for 24 hours.

After that, clean the tank with water and let is dry.

Mix the TAPOX tank sealer and fill it in the tank.

Wiggle tank around and let the residue flow out of the tank.

Blow a constant air flow through the drainage opening into the tank.

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