FERTAN Products can be used in daily household applications like removing rust from metal pipes. FERTAN products are safe to use for household applications.


FERTAN Products can be used to tackle large scale industrial problems like rusted machines to outside metal structures.

Auto Body Shops

FERTAN Products specialize in tackling rust issues in automobiles. From rusted breaks to underbody, FERTAN products are very effective and efficient.

Classic Car Enthusiast

FERTAN has been a first choice of several classic car owners across Europe and now helping the professional repair technicians  and individuals across North America.


We'll help you when your metal fails.

Our Mission

High-quality solutions

Our mission is to develop and bring to market high-quality solutions designed to prevent, reduce or
eliminate corrosion on projects of all sizes.

From classic car restoration to major industrial undertakings, we work closely with our
customers to ensure that every get’s done right.

Our Vision

Become most trusted source

We envision that FERTAN will become the most trusted source of corrosion control products worldwide; that our innovative solutions will continue to raise the bar for excellence; and that our emphasis on exceptional service will result in long-term, loyal relationships.

The Value

Products for your needs

Commitment – We maintain a steadfast commitment to exceeding industry standards of excellence.
Dependability – Our products are effective, dependable and can be trusted to provide maximum
solutions for all projects related to corrosion.

More Values

More help for you

Communication – We believe that communication is key component building strong relationships with our customers and industry leaders.
Affordability – Our products are reasonably priced so that we can fulfill the needs of a wide range of customers including those with limited resources.
Integrity – The work that we do every day is supported by the pillars of honesty, trust, transparency, and fairness.

Areas of application

Where products can be used

Marine industry
Metal work
Car restoration
Truck Maintenance
Car care
Oil industry
Industrial plants

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