Underbody repair kit Small - Black

Underbody repair kit Small - Black
Underbody repair kit Small - Black
Underbody repair kit Small - Black
Load image into Gallery viewer, Underbody repair kit Small - Black
Load image into Gallery viewer, Underbody repair kit Small - Black
Load image into Gallery viewer, Underbody repair kit Small - Black

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FERTAN underbody repair kit is a set that contains exactly what you need to get rid of rust on your underbody car. Our products have been designed to be safe and easy to use for undeniable results.

FERTAN delivers high-quality solution to help prevent, reduce, or eliminate corrosion since over 40 years. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


Underbody repair kit contains:

  • Spray head
  • FERTAN Rust Converter 1.1 quart (1 L)
  • 2x Stoneguard Protective Undercoating Black Aerosol 17 oz (500 ML)

Spray head
Spray head for 1.1 Quart (1 litre) standard canisters with E42 adapter and 60 cm probe with 360° nozzle.
Nozzle outlet only Ø4.2 mm for special applications

FERTAN Rust Converter
One of the most trusted product by industries and classic car enthusiast for rust treatments for over 40 years. FERTAN products have been bestselling rust removers, coatings and primers in Germany and several other European countries for several years now.

FERTAN is very efficient at stopping and removing rust. Loose rust is washed off as dust and the remainder is converted to form a stable and inert surface suitable for coating/painting. FERTAN is a tannic acid, water based product. FERTAN combines superb performance with excellent credentials. In case of skin contact, clean with running water.

Removes Rust without Sandblasting

FERTAN is the optimal treatment for the removal of rust from all metal constructions including:

  • vehicles and trailers
  • ships, yachts, boats and marine equipment
  • metal structures, gates, fences, gratings and railings
  • tanks and voids
  • constructional steel

FERTAN converts rust to an inert, stable material that can be painted or coated. On bare metal, it prevents rust. It is extremely efficient and has unlimited shelf life.

  1. Loosen surface rust using a brush, abrasives or pressure washer.
  2. Apply FERTAN using a brush, roller or sponge and let it sit for about an hour.
  3. Dampen the treated surface with water to maximise penetration.
  4. Leave FERTAN to react with the surface for 24 hours at 68°F to 48 hours if lower for best results.
  5. Remove the black powdery dust with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.
  6. Paint the treated surface with paint within 6 months, for effective long-term results.

Safety: In case of contact with skin rinse the affected area under running water. In case of eye contact rinse well and seek medical attention. Not for human consumption.

FERTAN Stoneguard Protective Undercoating is a resin-based

product that does not contain any bitumen or tar constituents.

It forms an elastic layer that provides robust protection against

stone chipping, moisture, spray and salt. In addition, it has a

sound-absorbing anti-drone eff ect. FERTAN body and stone

guard demonstrates good adhesion to steel, stainless steel,

galvanised steel, aluminium as well as polyester laminates.

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