Tank Sealer

Tank Sealer

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Tank sealer and rust remover Premium Quality by FERTAN

Part# 24020

The FERTAN Tank sealer is specially engineered for application on variety of tanks like, fuel tanks made of steel or aluminium for vehicle, ships or water tanks. Also, widely used in the industry for coating concrete floor that are subjected to a lot of wear.

  • Seals Rust Permanently
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Resistant To All Fuels, Alcohols & Additives


The content of this can is sufficient to cover  5.3-10.6 gallons volume tanks.

Thoroughly wash the tank with Tank Cleaner and de-rust the inner surface with Rust Remover or FERTAN Rust Converter.

Afterwards, stir the Base (Component 1) thoroughly until is honey-like mass, then add the hardener (component 2) and stir as long as is lump-free and thin liquid mixture is arise. Make sure there are no lumps in the base. Add the Hardener (Component 2) and continue stirring.

Please note that this tank sealer is a resin and not paint. Therefore, stir it for long time to get the desired viscosity.

Make sure the tank is dry, before the coating is applied into the tank.

Please, follow the instructions explained in the Application Brochure.


Safety Data Sheet
Application Guide

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