Corrosion preventative Grease - Combi Conservation 2 in 1

Corrosion preventative Grease - Combi Conservation 2 in 1

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Part#: 28120 

Aerosol 11.8 oz. 

If you're looking for a top-quality corrosion preventative grease, look no further than FERTAN. Our unique formula combines the best properties of grease and wax, allowing it to penetrate deep into cracks, flanges, and sheet-doubles up to 2 inches. This results in superior protection against rust and corrosion. Plus, our grease remains flexible and easy to apply even in cold temperatures. So don't wait - get the best protection for your investment with FERTAN today.

Even so, the special formulation ensures no material drains out even at high temperatures.  The FERTAN corrosion preventative grease represents an extremely long-term and flexible protection film,  which  is  useful  for  car-bodies,  historic  cars,  construction machines, agriculture equipment and machines etc. ALL corrosion is prevented. The compatibility with present, mostly older, protections, like cavity wax, stone chip, resin or tar-based, is possible.  If in doubt do a small test or contact us.

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