Quick Clean - Oil Absorbent

Oil absorbent
Quick Clean - Oil Absorbent
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Quickclean Oil Absorbent – a breakthrough in managing spills effectively and economically. This powerful product effortlessly absorbs 2.5 times its own weight, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for your spill control needs. Quickclean ensures no water is absorbed, effectively separating oil and chemicals present in water. With its superior absorbent qualities, it's your go-to choice for water surface applications and beyond.

Product Features:

  • Superior Absorbency: Quickclean's extreme absorbency allows it to soak up 2.5 times its weight in oils, chemicals, brake fluid, etc., making it one of the most efficient spill control solutions on the market.
  • Selective Absorption: Our product absorbs oil and chemicals only, leaving water untouched, ensuring clean, non-slip surfaces instantly.
  • Traffic Area Appropriate: Quickclean is highly suitable for use in high-traffic areas, maintaining clean and safe conditions effectively.
  • Economical Usage & Disposal: Quickclean's high absorbency means less product used, which translates to minimal disposal costs.
  • Floating Action: Quickclean floats on water, promptly binding oil present, making it a highly effective solution for oil spills on water bodies.
  • Compliance: Quickclean Oil Absorbent meets the standards for oil absorbents of Type I, II, III R SF.

Optimize your spill control strategy with Quickclean Oil Absorbent – an investment in safety, cleanliness, and efficiency.

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