Rust Converter 1.01 fl. oz. - lid with a built in brush

Rust Converter 1.01 fl. oz. - lid with a built in brush

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rust converter and rust remover Premium Quality by FERTAN

Removes rust permanetly!

One quart will cover up to 130 sq ft with its powerful, yet gentle formula

Fertan Rust Converter is the best way to remove rust from any metal surface. It's simple to use - just apply it to the rusted area and it will instantly turn it into a blackened metal that's ready for painting. It also leaves a protective zinc coating that prevents rust from coming back for up to 6 months.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Long-term, protective rust treatment for maintenance interventions on previously painted, oxidized metal parts.




  • If possible, sand the loose surface rust with sandpaper or by grinding. 
  • Get rid of oil, grease, silicone and dirt. Use silicone remover if necessary.
  • Apply FERTAN Rust Converter with a brush, roller or spray gun and let it react at room temperature (20° C / 68 °F)  for at least 24 hours. For temperatures between (5° C – 19° C / 41 °F - 66 °F) let the product react for 48 hours. A black or even blue-violet surface is formed thereafter.
  • When application is performed in direct sunlight or hot conditions damp the surface after 1-2 hours.
  • Do not use the product below 5° C / 41 °F or frost!
  • Thereafter thoroughly rinse surface with water to remove the dust.
  • Do not adapt the surface mechanically.
  • Apply coating or paint on the surface within 6 months of the application.
  • After treatment / lacquering can be done with near all commercial products. 
    • Filler, Primer (Epoxy Primer, Multi Metal Coating etc.)
    • Protective waxes (Underbody –cavity protection Wax, Rust Inhibitor etc.)
    • Stonechip Protection / EP resins


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