Underbody Protection Wax

Underbody Protection Wax
Underbody Protection Wax
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FERTAN Under body Protection Wax is a durable, stable and very long-lasting under body protection based on high-quality wax. The product contains no aromatic components and is compatible with PVC. It adheres to all body panels, axle parts, etc., even with thicker layers. By using special and high-quality components and additives, the product meets even the highest industry standards. FERTAN under body protection wax provides perfect protection against mechanical abrasion and corrosion on endangered body parts, such as interior mudguards, etc., with even a thin layer. The wax is waterproof.


  • Shake well before use.
  • The surface to be coated must be free of oil, grease and silicone.
  • If any rust/ corrosion are present, remove it beforehand with FERTAN rust converter.
  • Due to its exceptional viscosity, the product can also be easily applied at lower temperatures with commercially available guns. The product can be applied at high temperatures too. It does not drip.
  • The optimum processing temperature and the temperature of the body should be at least 68°F / 20° C.
  • Waxes should always be applied in multiple thin layers. Each layer should be allowed at least 2 hours (better 12 hours) to dry before the next layer is applied. This creates a very resistant protective coat.
  • Do not heat on an oven or other hot surfaces or heat sources. Risk of explosion.
  • Parts not to be coated, example brakes, exhaust, etc., must be covered or masked.
  • Follow safety instructions. Use adequate ventilation at the work to avoid explosive gases.

Processing pressure

Cavity suction cup

Gun with 360° nozzle approx. 4 - 9 bar (43 - 116 psi)

Cavity pressure cup

Gun with 360° nozzle approx. 3 - 4.5 bar (28 - 51 psi)

Clean and rinse tools directly with solvents according to requirements.


27220   16.9 fl.oz. Aerosol

27420   1.1 Qt.



Safety Data Sheet - Spray


Data sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Liquid

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